Podcast:How To Have A Minimalist Christmas ( And More) With JoLynn Graubart

Season 1 Episode 8: Co-hosts, Paige + Leslie with Outnumbered Mamas contributor and guest, JoLynn Graubart discuss minimalism. JoLynn is a minimalist- in- progress and gives us tips on how her family celebrates Christmas with their two children. Show Notes Co-Hosts: Paige Martinek + Leslie Caruthers Guest Host: JoLynn Graubart Links from this podcast: How […]

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How to Have a “Minimalist” Christmas

Okay, Mamas. This is an upfront disclaimer that I am a “minimalist in-progress.” Can we just agree that there is a middle-ground somewhere between shaming people who have throw pillows and keeping every book you’ve ever read? Maybe room for a family still clinging to their dying DVD collection, but intentionally inching towards minimalist living? […]