Join Paige + Leslie as they talk all things motherhood. From tots to teens and everything in between!

Illustration by Sherri Howard @Sherrisgrotto
Episode 14 “Mom Anxiety”
Episode 13 “Good Mom, Bad Mom”

Episode 12 “6 Things To Leave Back In 2019”
Episode 11 “Things We Do To Save Money”
Episode 10 “Enneagram: What Number Are You?”
Episode 9 “Bring on The Holidays: Our Busy Holiday Schedule”
Episode 8 How To Have A minimalist Christmas With JoLynn Graubart”
Episode 7 “More Than A Cold: The Dangers Of RSV”
Episode 6 “Things That Moms Don’t Talk About”
Episode 5 “5 Self Care Products We Use Daily”
Episode 4 “A Little Bit Of Everything”
Episode 2 “10 Things We Didn’t Know About L+D”
Episode 1 “Hey Mamas- Nice To Meet You”

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