Our team

img_6116Paige Martinek | Co- founder + Writer + Podcast Co-host 

Paige Martinek is a wife, mother, and writer who lives in Metro Detroit with her husband, son, daughter and two stepsons. She has a B.A in Communications, and is a SAHM while working toward a degree in nursing. She is an aspiring L+D nurse and loves talking about pregnancy and women’s health. She is also an infertility advocate after struggling to conceive for nearly 3 years. She is a former contributor for Huff Post, and currently writes for Detroit Moms Blog. Her hobbies include writing, photography and driving around with no known destination ( which usually ends up being along one of the beautiful lakes that Michigan has to offer).



Leslie Caruthers | Co-Founder + Beauty Contributor + Podcast & Vlog Co-host

Leslie Caruthers is a wife, and mother who lives in Metro Detroit with her husband, 3 daughters,  newborn son and 3 stepdaughters. She has a B.A in Psychology and works full time as an analyst. She loves all things makeup and skincare and dreams of being an esthetician one day. She enjoys relaxing, although with 7 kids it is hard to find time. Her guilty pleasure is ‘The Bachelor” & “The Bachelorette”, and she is a fan of “This Is Us”. She loves spending time with all of her kiddos, and you can often find her watching her oldest daughter cheer at her high school games!