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Paige Martinek is a wife, mother, and writer who lives in Metro Detroit with her husband, son, daughter and two stepsons. She has a B.A in Communications, and is a SAHM while working toward a degree in nursing. She is an aspiring L+D nurse and loves talking about pregnancy and women’s health. She is also an infertility advocate after struggling to conceive for nearly 3 years. She is a former contributor for Huff Post, and currently writes for Detroit Mom. Her hobbies include writing, photography and driving around with no known destination ( which usually ends up being along one of the beautiful lakes that Michigan has to offer).



Leslie Caruthers is a wife, and mother who lives in Metro Detroit with her husband, 3 daughters, newborn son and 3 stepdaughters. She has a B.A in Psychology and works full time as an analyst. She loves all things makeup and skincare and dreams of being an esthetician one day. She enjoys relaxing, although with 7 kids it is hard to find time. Her guilty pleasure is ‘The Bachelor” & “The Bachelorette”, and she is a fan of “This Is Us”. She loves spending time with all of her kiddos, and you can often find her watching her oldest daughter cheer at her high school games!

Agnieska Majevska


Agnieska Majevska believes that each woman has unique superpowers which must be discovered and embraced, because no man can do what every woman does. Agnieska is all about making life easy and joyful for new moms who can sometimes feel overwhelmed with this new stage of life. She is a wife to her soulmate whom she has loved for the last 13 years. She is a new mom to a gorgeous baby girl, Caroline after almost dying due to complications from an emergency C-section. She has worked as a cosmetic dentist for almost 6 years, which is a dream job of hers. She loves creating smiles! She also studied Psychology at University and is a co-owner of the local gift shop. A good cup of espresso, great book, jazz, apple pie topped with ice cream, and criminal and psychological TV shows make her enjoy life even more. You can find some mom life hacks topped with funny and inspiring quotes to make your days brighter on her Instagram blog. Follow her at maj.caroline or follow the link below!

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Amy Van Gundy is a 34 year old Denver native. She is mom to 3-year old Asher and 5-year old Atlas (a Bernese Mountain Dog). Before having Asher, Amy and her husband Casey loved to travel around the country and around the world. From Europe to California, Amy believes adventure is what you make of it. The love of adventure didn’t change once Asher came along. Amy has made sure to include him in all their trips and daily adventures. Along with being a mom and documenting all of their adventures on Instagram (which you can see at @amyreannie), Amy also works as a Marketer/Social Media Strategist for a Denver-based women’s health clinic, Westside Women’s Care. Amy loves scary movies, traveling, taking pictures, cooking, cozying up with a good book, and she always has time for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with her best friends and family.


Ashley is a 28 year old boy mom to a 7 year old, living in the Pacific Northwest. After growing up in Massachusetts, she and her fiancé moved to Washington State in 2015 for a change of pace raising their son. In 2017 they downsized from their 3,000 sq. ft. house into a 270 ft. tiny home, traveling and tiny living for just short of 2 years. Ashley has been a registered nurse for 5 years and has worked in both adult and pediatric settings. In their spare time, the family is always exploring outdoors and have visited 15 national parks together and counting. Hiking is a huge passion of Ashley’s and she has a goal to summit Mount Rainier, which is right in her backyard. When she’s not outdoors, you can find her curled up with a book & a good cup of coffee. Ashley has a background in dance and took classes from ages 2.5-19, danced competitively, and holds a teaching certification. She enjoys cooking but is admittedly “not the greatest” at it but prides herself on being the target clearance queen and is forever hunting down a bargain. Writing has always been a creative outlet for her and she enjoys connecting with other moms by sharing stories and keeping it real. Connect with her over on Instagram for adventures, a good laugh and more @aecolburn & @thenovaturientcollective.

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img_8784Breanna Sheffield is a 31 year old wife and “mama” that lives in L.A … Lower Alabama that is- Roll Tide! She lives in a small town called Coffee Springs, which is fitting since she is an avid coffee drinker. The word mama is in parenthesis since hery journey to motherhood is not the typical one. She has three beautiful kids by way of family foster/adopt (long story). Hunter is 18 and a freshman in college, Hannah is 12, and Adam is 10. They also have two golden doodles, Max and Mattie (they are a riot!) She struggles with infertility and navigating the road of continuing to grow their family one way or another. She and her family enjoy the outdoors, whether it is on their small farm, hiking in the mountains, trips to the beach, or just enjoying nights outside watching football. In her spare time she enjoys binge watching TV Series, listening to audio books, and shopping online. You can follow along on her family adventures on Instagram!

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Caitlin King lives in Connecticut and is married to her best friend of eleven years. They share a beautiful baby daughter together. Caitlin has worked as management in retail for the last thirteen years. In her spare time she enjoys every moment spent with her little family. She loves traveling, arts and crafts, scrapbooking, reading, and writing. She can always be found with a camera in her hand, taking photographs of anything and everything (especially her daughter). Caitlin loves to blog about her journey through motherhood, and enjoys sharing experiences as well as mom hacks with other parents. To read more, visit her personal mom blog here. You can also connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.

Chelsea Dattage has deep roots in Northern Utah; where she has lived most her life. She is firewife to Jon, whom she adores, while also wanting to thump him upside the head now and then – a real life romantic comedy in the making, heavy on the comedy. Together they have three children, Jack, Griffin, and Lila. She spends her days surviving the chaos of her two boys, who keep her laughing by swinging off the blinds “like Tarzan”. As well as her daughter, a surprise finale that came with more ruffles and bows than anyone could have ever prepared a boy mom for. Chelsea enjoys cooking, traveling, mom hacks, and relaxing with her hidden stash of chocolate after the kids head to bed. She believes something good can come out of any situation; even if the good is laughing at herself and her own embarrassment. In the Dattage home, laughter is the key to survival. Chelsea lives in a world of super hero’s, not so perfectly placed bows and the occasional runny nose, you can find more of her at Batman Boogers & Bows! Head over and say hi!

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Destiny Warren is a 34 native Houstonian living in Florida. She is a mother to one-real life princess-Emma Kate (2 years) and wife to her best friend, Christian (for 7 years)! She is currently unemployed as she packed up her life, sanity, and family to move to the Sunshine State to be closer to the magic of Disney, which is the focus of her blog! Her blog is a resource for families to help make their trips to Walt Disney World or The Wizarding World of Harry Potter as magical as it can be! Prior to the move she was the Education Coordinator at a refugee resettlement agency in Houston and has a passion for helping the underserved. Outside of family, work, Disney & Harry Potter, Destiny is a fan of classic movies, antiquing, coffee, and traveling!

Jasmine Sweigart

Jasmine Sweigart lives in Lancaster, PA with her husband, Dalton, and son, Dakota. Prior to becoming a full-time stay at home mom, Jasmine assisted children with behavioral support needs and adults with intellectual disabilities. During nap time she digs into writing about the joys, changes, and struggles of motherhood and marriage. Currently using her Instagram as her blogging platform, @jasminesweigart, Jasmine is working on her own website where she can really dish out humorous, honest articles in a limitless form. When she’s not blogging, or pulling her toddler away from playing in the toilet, she enjoys time outdoors hiking, kayaking, and camping. A natural encourager, Jasmine loves building authentic relationships with other women over tacos and wine.

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Jenn Carr lives on the Maine coast and is married to her best friend and college sweetheart. Together they share a love for their young son, Theodore. Jenn recently left her career in Finance Management to pursue her dream job as a stay at home parent. In her new role, she’s enjoying the freedom to explore her creativity through writing, photography and organizing. Jenn is fueled with a passion for optimizing life, being joyful and encouraging others to live their best lives. Jenn shares inspiring motherhood and lifestyle content using Maine’s natural beauty as a backdrop. You can follow her on Instagram at the link below!

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Kerri Morgan is a wife, and mother to a beautiful little boy. At the age of 33 she was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Reserve, which began her battle with infertility, eventually leading to her to adopt embryos. She is now passionate about helping others through their infertility struggles. She is a new mom, navigating this new world of motherhood. With a heart full of gratitude and a little touch of trauma, it can be hard to move on and forget all of the traumatic experiences related to infertility, but she is working on it. She currently works part-time as a special education teacher and spends the rest of her time loving her new little family. You can read more about her journey to motherhood at her personal blog here!


Kirsti-Marie, aka Kirsti, Kirst, Kir – whichever. Is a blogger at ‘Life as The Lonsdales’ where she talks about all things family life, honest parenting, motherhood struggles and everything in between. She first started blogging on Instagram just for fun but after a while she decided she wanted to get more serious about blogging. She is engaged to her long-term partner, Rory and they have been together since they were kids. She is a mum to 2 wonderful children, a son named Kory and a daughter named Kora. She is also a mum to fur babies – 2 cats and 1 dog. If you follow her blog, you’ll read a lot more about her and her family. Other than being a mum, she enjoys reading, blogging (obviously) and shopping. Feel free to contact her at the links below.



Laura Beth Harpe is a wife, mother and blogger living in small town Georgia. She taught kindergarten for 4 years prior to the birth of her son, and now she is a SAHM! Becoming a mom has been the most challenging, and most rewarding experience of her life, and she loves connecting with other moms as they stumble through this new season. She also loves sharing affordable fashion, beauty products and easy recipes on her lifestyle blog… And if she’s not out shopping, you can almost always find her binge watching Bravo or Law & Order: SVU.

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Laurel Dowse is a wife and mother of two little girls, Hadley (4), and Hazel (2), with a new baby on the way! Laurel is a SAHM during the day, and teaches dance a few nights a week, as well as practices esthetics from home. And to top it all off, Laurel just started a new side hustle, that she’s so excited about! Aside from being a mom, and work, Laurel loves to listen to true crime podcasts, binge watch her favorite shows, and encourages everyone to take a nap! Laurel gets asked a lot about why she calls herself, “The Melanoma Mommy”, and it’s because in August of 2015, her doctor found Malignant Melanoma on her left leg. It has since been surgically removed and she has been cancer free for over two years! Finding out she had Melanoma turned her world upside down, and she has now found new meaning to her life! Laurel is so excited to be a part of the Outnumbered Mamas team, and to share and connect with all of you!


Lillian Sowles is a wife, mom to 3 daughters (including twins) and blogger in the suburbs of Charlotte, NC. She was in Corporate America for 12 years before becoming a full time SAHM. Lillian is passionate about empowering other moms, especially those with twins as they encounter unique challenges. She’s a little bit Mid-western and a little Southern as she was born and raised in Wisconsin, but upon college graduation moved to Florida. After 4 + years in the Sunshine State, she moved with her handsome hubby, Ben to Charlotte, NC to further advance her career. After making the radical change to stay at home full time, it was an adjustment to say the least! But she wouldn’t trade it in for anything. Lillian loves to read fiction novels, spend time doing fun activities with her family, trying new recipes and sipping on a hot cup of coffee. She runs a crazy schedule that includes Gymnastics for her oldest daughter, Gabriella and Ballet for her twins, Valentina and Victoria. You can follow her hilarious adventures of life with twins plus one at the links below!

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Lindsey lives in South Carolina with her husband, Brad, and three children, Chelsea (5), Cooper (2), and Camille (4 months). Lindsey graduated with her Bachelors from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, but before that, she attended Cosmetology School. Lindsey has done everything from retail, food service, management, teaching, hair and nails, social media management, website maintenance, human resources, and more! Currently she works from home as a Director of Operations for an online coaching business. She has her own small home business where she creates invitations, announcements, Christmas cards, and other print work. Lindsey also recently launched her blog, Lindsey out loud. When she’s not working, she loves spending time with her family, doing anything for self care, and exploring local restaurants, bars and shopping! Her (completely healthy) obsessions include Chick-fil-A, Target, and Amazon!



Ly Thuy (Lee-Tee) is a single mama to her son Maxton and an ambitious entrepreneur and blogger. Ly Thuy grew up in the beautiful PNW but spent most of her adult life living in sunny Los Angeles while building her career in corporate America. Ready for a change of pace, she quit the corporate life to start her own business in Event Management and to start a family.

After some unexpected turns, Ly Thuy found herself back in Portland, Oregon raising her son Maxton as a single mom. When she’s not juggling babies and business you can find her dancing and spinning in an exercise classes, devouring self-development books and podcasts and expanding her business and women-empowerment empire! Her favorite thing to do is travel with her one-year old son Maxton and spend time with her girlfriends. Ly Thuy’s goals include becoming a successful author, speaker and coach for women and mamas around the world, teaching the tools for self confidence, authenticity and self-love.

Marlene Ortega lives in Houston, TX and is engaged to her high school sweetheart.  They have a handsome 2 year old, Sebastian.  Marlene works in procurement for the Oil and Gas industry.  In her spare time she loves to go on adventures with her little family.  She loves traveling, listening to podcasts or books, taking photos, shopping, and drinking iced coffee.  Marlene enjoys sharing her favorite products, tips, and all things lifestyle on her microblog on Instagram.  You can also connect with her on Pinterest.


Micah Wells is a born and raised Texan. She’s the wife to her middle school sweetie and mama of two sassy little girls. Her guilty pleasures are fresh baked cookies, sweet tea, and nail polish! She has a heart filled with big dreams and strong desires! Her passion for “momming” and caring for kids grew exponentially after having two of her own babies. She believes being a mom is one of the most powerful roles someone can have, and raising identity planted, strong hearted, grace filled children is so important, now more than ever. Micah is currently in school to become a pediatric nurse and dreams of one day being a labor and delivery nurse. She stays pretty busy but when she does have some free time you’ll probably find her organizing, crafting, or shopping… maybe even watching some of her reality tv shows in peace! Make sure you check out her Instagram for all things daily life and keep an eye out for her blog coming soon! She can’t wait to connect with you!


Nicole is a momma to two beautiful girl, Sofia (age 6) and Cristina (newborn). She recently gave birth by C-section to her newest daughter, so she is currently on maternity leave. Her days consist of caffeine, attempted organization and lots of baby snuggles. She lives in the small, humble town of Collinsville, Texas where everyone knows everyone and everything. She enjoys playing her guitar, making artsy things and spending time with her girls and fiancé. Most of all, she loves to write, which is where she expresses herself as the world’s “okayest” mom!

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Nicolette Geigle is a 31 years old wife, mother of four (two biological and two step), and a probation officer for Macomb County Juvenile Court. She resides in Harrison Township, MI. She was recently married to her soulmate on August 17, 2019. Combining households has taught her the struggles and blessings of a blended family. The girls are 14 & 15 and the boys are both 10. So basically she has two sets of twins and loves every single second of it (even when she is ready to pull her hair out). She loves to spend time with her family, read, stay organized, and inspire others to live life to the fullest; while letting them know that not everything is always perfect. Weekdays are typically spent juggling homework, running kids to practice and trying to keep the house organized (with four kids and what her kids say is OCD, this is quite the task). On the weekends, you can typically find her watching her daughter dance at the high school games, watching her sons playing some sort of sport or spending time with her family. Nicolette became a mom 8 days shy of her 16th birthday but still graduated high school with honors despite the struggles of being a teen mom. She went on to graduate college and receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and work her way up the ladder to earn her dream job of being a probation officer. During that time she married, had an amazing son, went through many struggles and got a divorce. She then met the love of her life and got married again. Life for her has not always been easy, but she has never given up. She uses her struggles and accomplishments to help her clients achieve their goals and hopes to do the same for others through her writing. You can contact her at the links below. She would love to say hi!

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Nikki Moore is a wife & working mom of two children & two dogs. She was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, but grew up as a military kid and spent some time in Japan + Florida. Somehow, she always ended up right back in Hawaii, her beautiful hometown. She previously served in the US Navy Nurse Corps and became a Navy spouse after serving. Nikki currently works as an Intensive Care Unit registered nurse in San Diego, California full-time while also taking care of her toddler and infant with her husband. During the little free time she has, she spends it as a fitness enthusiast, traveling with her family and blogging on her Instagram @AlohaVibesTribe. She is passionate about bringing positivity around other mothers. Nikki gives tips on little mom hacks, baby food recipes, workouts, and shares her postpartum journey in hopes that other mothers can see that they are not alone.

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Paige Hutchinson is a wife to her high school sweetheart, Ryan, and mama to her beautiful one-year-old daughter, Remington (a.k.a Remi). She is a Colorado Native who will never leave and is loving being a stay at home mom! Before having Remi, Paige worked in the Health Care Administration world as well as ran her own Wedding Planning Business on the side! Since having Remi, she now stays at home with her while teaching Chinese children English online and works as a nanny placement coordinator. Paige is a total homebody, and loves spending time with her family and friends who all happen to live within blocks of one another! Everyone at Target knows her and Remi by name and she always has more than enough Chick Fil A reward points for a weekly milkshake! She would love to share her mama tips, favorite items,  and so much more with you on her blog and Instagram!

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Rachel is a wife and mother of two who lives in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. She gave up her job in the corporate world to be a stay at home mom full time and raise her family. Some of her hobbies and passions include baking, gardening, and all things DIY. Rachel was diagnosed with Celiac Disease when she was 21. She loves to share gluten free baking tips and recipes for others who suffer from similar allergies. She started blogging when her son, Parker, was born. Her daughter, London, was born with some complications and had a brief visit to the NICU. Some of the topics she enjoys writing about include the difficulties of having 2 kids under 2, the stress and effects the NICU has on mothers, and the ups and downs of her breastfeeding journey.

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Sara is a wife and mom of two. She started dating her now husband when they were in 8th grade and they married at 21. Sara had her first child at 23 while her mom was battling cancer. When her son was 9 months old her mom passed away and soon after she found out she was pregnant with her daughter. A few months before she was due with the littlest they got word her husband was being promoted and they packed up to moved 3 hours north. After the incredible home-birth of her second things just felt off. She started experiencing severe anxiety and then postpartum depression set in. Life was rough for a few years but now she’s completely changed her entire life around when she learned how to fully love herself and change her view of the world. She is now a mindset coach giving women the power to heal their lives and take control without the mom guilt taking over.

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Sarah lives in a small town in Southern Minnesota. She is a wife and boy mom of three to Tristan, Gabriel and Cassian, and her husband Jordan is a Firefighter. She runs her own daycare, blogs and works in network marketing. She is an introverted-extrovert, so she loves to spend time alone to read romance novels and watch sappy TV shows. However, she also likes to meet new people and go out. She enjoys spending most of her time with her boys, blogging, marketing, improving her makeup skills, traveling, and promoting self-love and acceptance. She would love for you to connect with her on social media and follow her journey as a busy mom and business woman.

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Shannon Kendrick is a wife and mama to two beautiful little girls. Eliza is 3.5 and Maizy is 1.5 Things are very busy in their house. She lives in Papamoa, The Sunny Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand and love their back yard! Shannon is a trained and registered early childhood teacher turned stay at home mum and loves it. She is looking into the future at further career options now that the girls are getting older and has decided to study a bachelor of natural science next year. She is excited to learn lots of new and exciting things and to make her family lifestyle healthier. She loves socializing, doing family activities, gardening (not her, but hubby and girls) and spending time together.

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Sherri Howard was a self proclaimed city girl up until she met her best friend and the love of her life. Now she enjoys spending time in the country, hunting and fishing. Her hobbies also include painting and photography. She has been a preschool teacher for the last 8 years and has an outstanding love for children, especially her boyfriends two wonderful children. She is also the biggest Disney fan you will ever meet. She worked as a Disney Princess for 2 years and is your go-to gal for all of your Disney planning needs. Follow along on all of her adventures on Instagram and her personal blog which is coming soon!

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Sheyla Jordan is a 26 year old, Cuban/Caymanian native living in Chattanooga TN. She is a wife & mom to T’Challa (stillbirth), Le’gin (2) and Shuri (3 months old). Before her children, Sheyla and her husband traveled the country playing Flag Football which was also how they met. Sheyla is an advocate for clean & healthy living, as well as mothers who have experienced stillbirths and how to overcome & be one with those moments. Sheyla is a Certified Professional Medical Interpreter & a Track and Field Coach. Sheyla is passionate about helping people be the best versions of themselves & she does this by dedicating her social media pages to educating and sharing insights of her knowledge base and lifestyle which she tries to live as holistically as possible. Sheyla enjoys spending time with her family, Traveling, Working out and meeting new people over a glass of wine!

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Stefanie Davis is a wife and mother who lives in Colorado with her husband who claims she brought him back from Australia as her souvenir. They have two daughters Charlotte and Abigail, who are eighteen months apart. After their second daughter was born she was able to fulfill her childhood dream of being a stay at home mom. Stefanie has a passion for helping others and is dedicated to sharing her real life experiences and any tricks she learns along the way. Outside of being a mom you will find her in the kitchen trying new recipes, drinking endless cups of black tea, and playing lots of card games. Follow along on her journey of raising gentle, loving, humble humans on her personal motherhood blog. You can also connect with her through her Instagram at the links below. She would love to say hi!


Valda is a 38-year-old wife and mother to a 4-year-old daughter, living in the Atlanta Metro area. She is a fulltime mom and entrepreneur. She manages a property management company and owns an online children’s boutique. She recently returned to the world of blogging after a 3-year hiatus to attend law school. Valda enjoys helping women start up new business ventures and helping to navigate resources for business growth. When she is not busy working, Valda enjoys traveling, cooking, singing and spending time with her family. You can follow her on. @cookingwithval, @mommyandbri and at her kids boutique @briannaleeusa_


Viridiana Nevarez Mellado lives in Texas with her husband and are both the proud parents of a beautiful girl and sweet boy. She has a Master’s degree in Professional Accounting. Is a full-time Administrative and Finance Director for a local Church. Her hope is to teach and raise her children with Christian values. Above all with humility, teach them about their Mexican heritage, so they don’t forget where they come from. She is a coffee addict as well as a Netflix and Amazon Prime junkie. Her favorite past times are spending time with her family, cooking and shopping. She is a sports enthusiast, but especially loves football and will not miss a single game of her favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys. You can follow Viri (as she prefers to be called) on her Instagram page @immomlatina.

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Yvonne VanRenesse is a wife, mother of three, and an interior designer. She resides on the West Coast, in sunny Los Angeles, California where she is a Project Manager for Honda Motor Co. She is a creative who loves to read, write, and inspire others to live life to the fullest. Weekdays are typically spent juggling homework, running kids to practice, and sneaking in a few extra minutes of shower time just to get a few pages of reading completed. On the weekends, she loves to travel and explore new places or activities with her family. If she is not working, you can find her at Barnes and Noble or at the mall where she gets to fulfill her passion for fashion. Aside from being an avid fashionista, one of the things she holds very near and dear to her is women empowerment. Yvonne is a strong advocate for women empowerment and leads a women’s based team that supports philanthropic community outreach for the underprivileged. She often shares stories on this topic, along with design tips, fashion inspiration, and the balance of work and family on her personal blog. You can also connect with her on Instagram at the link below. She actively posts and tries to stay connected to all fellow mamas so she can support them and empower them to live life to the fullest!