We are a collective group of mamas who are here to talk openly and honestly about motherhood and everything that comes along with it.

We have toddlers as well as teens.

We are biological moms, and we are also blessed enough to be bonus mama’s.

We have good days, and we have days where the best part of our day is drinking our cold coffee and having enough time to brush our teeth.

We know that motherhood is a wonderful blessing, but aren’t afraid to admit that it isn’t always all sunshine and rainbows.

We are mamas who believe that as long as your kids are loved and cared for, there is no wrong way to parent. No mom shaming here!

We are here to share our stories and experiences in written words on our blog and through our podcast and want to give you a look into our lives with tots to teens and everything in between.

We are mamas who are still trying to figure out this whole motherhood thing one day at a time.