A Little Bit Of Everything


In this episode, Leslie gives some tips on saving space especially when you are a big family with limited space. Paige talks about her love for the 1997 band, Hanson, and they discuss the difficulties associated with going to other peoples houses that are not baby proofed.  Paige talks about how she wants another baby but her hubby says no way!

Show Notes

Co-Hosts: Paige Martinek + Leslie Caruthers

Links from this episode

Paige’s Top 5 Favorite Hanson songs:

*In all reality, I can’t pick only 5. Go listen to the “This is Hanson” station on Spotify. They’re amazing. And hot.

Storage cubes that Leslie uses as a dresser

Paige’s portable playpen ( it is a lifesaver)

The baby gate Leslie uses in her living room

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And as promised…Isaac Hanson

isaac hanson