Podcast: Getting Through Hard Times

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With everything going on right now with Covid-19, and quarantining it can feel like a lot. Some of us have lost our jobs, our ability to hug loved ones and what sometimes feels like our freedom.

Paige and Leslie give some tips on how to get through hard times.

*Disclaimer* This episode was recorded on 03/15/20 before the stay at home orders were put into effect.

Show Notes

Leslie’s mommy + me swimsuit

By Paige Martinek

Paige Martinek is a wife, mother, and writer who lives in Metro Detroit with her husband, son, daughter and two stepsons. She has a B.A in Communications, and decided to become a SAHM after her daughter was born. She is an aspiring L+D nurse and loves talking about pregnancy and women’s health. She is also an infertility advocate after struggling to conceive for nearly 3 years. She is a former contributor for Huff Post, and currently writes for Detroit Mom. Her hobbies include writing, photography and driving around with no known destination (which usually ends up being along one of the beautiful lakes that Michigan has to offer).

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