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Make the Most of Your Wardrobe in 2020

Shopping and fashion are some my favorite things. I love finding new clothes and following trends. I get so excited when a new season is approaching so I can figure out how to refresh my style! Although I would love to just buy a whole new wardrobe every year, I know that’s just not realistic. And sometimes, even I get overwhelmed by all the new styles that come out each season…

Thankfully, over the years I have realized that I don’t have to stress out over keeping up with every new and exciting thing that comes out, but I can create a closet that serves as a solid foundation. There are some easy ways that we can make the most out of the wardrobe we already have, and then add a few new things each year to spice it up!

Clean Out Your Closet

First things first, let’s assess your current wardrobe. I like to do inventory of my closet and determine what I do and do not really wear anymore. Then you can figure out if you are ever going to wear it again, or if it’s time to say goodbye!

One trick I have learned over the years is to turn all your hangers backward in your closet. Each time you take something out of the closet to wear, turn the hanger back the right way. Then after a month or so, look at all the clothes you haven’t worn. You will probably be shocked to see how many items you have just taking up precious closet space!

Style Your Old Clothes in New Ways

Once you have completed the de-cluttering phase, we move on to step 2. Sure, you can buy some new items to replace what you’ve cleaned out, but first I would say to try and make the most out of what you currently have. Take a look at your closet. There are probably some things in there that you still love, but just need a new perspective on! Try thinking outside the box.

That pink top you always wear with skinny jeans? Try pairing it with white pants or a floral skirt.

A tunic top you always wear with leggings? Tuck it in to some high waist pants!

A maxi dress you’ve worn out all summer? Try putting a button up shirt, tied up over it!

Try looking on Pinterest or just Googling different items you have in your closet and see how other people have styled your clothes! The possibilities are endless.

Buy Timeless Investment Pieces

Step 3 is really where the process becomes much more tailored to you.

Even though I follow trends based on the season, I do like to keep a few staples in my closet at all times:
A pair of black leggings, a great pair of jeans, a striped tunic style shirt and a few solid/neutral tops.

No matter what the trends are or what season it is, I can fall back on these pieces and style them any way! Yours may be different than mine, but I think it’s important to determine what you always want to keep in your closet no matter what.

Another thing to consider during this step is the brands you use. I really believe you should invest in the staple pieces for your wardrobe and find good, quality brands that will hold up for years! I am not ashamed to shop at WalMart, Target or TJ Maxx for affordable fashion, but some things are truly worth the splurge.

Have Fun!

Once I have completed these three steps, then I let myself have some fun. Buying new and trendy things you know will only last a season or two really isn’t a waste of your money and time! It’s just fun. Remember that! Clothes don’t all have to be serious or practical. This is why we started with our timeless foundation pieces… That way we can mix the old and new, without feeling overwhelmed!

That pearly headband, those snake skin flats and that neon green shirt will probably not be “cool” anymore next year, but for now, just enjoy it! And post your #OOTD on Instagram when you’re feeling cute : )

By Laura Beth Harpe

Laura Beth Harpe is a wife, mother and blogger living in small town Georgia. She taught kindergarten for 4 years prior to the birth of her son, and now she is a SAHM! Becoming a mom has been the most challenging, and most rewarding experience of her life, and she loves connecting with other moms as they stumble through this new season. She also loves sharing affordable fashion, beauty products and easy recipes on her lifestyle blog… And if she’s not out shopping, you can almost always find her binge watching Bravo or Law & Order: SVU.

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