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FINAL- 5 Must-Have Hospital Bag Items for Baby and Mom

When I found out I was pregnant, I read every article, book and blog post out there on what to pack in my hospital bag. I can tell you, I absolutely OVERPACKED! When we rolled into our hospital room it looked like we were heading off to Cabo for the week! Come to find out…. I barely even opened my own bag. The thought of packing your hospital bags, especially as a first-time mom, felt like a right of passage. Instagram is full of beautifully packed Never Full totes and Freshly Picked diaper bags, and I wanted to experience that too. I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t enjoy making lists, ordering off Amazon and packing our bags. But when the day finally came, I quickly realized I didn’t touch 3/4 of what I had packed. When it comes time for baby number two, my packing strategy will be drastically different and will include these 5 must-have items for myself as well as 5 must-haves for baby in addition to clothing for you both. 

Mom’s Hospital Bag 

  1. Pillow from home and a blanket (I know this is technically two)- These were by far my most used and favorite items to have with me at the hospital. Their pillows are basically a piece of foam and nothing beats a cozy blanket that smells like home! 
  2. Flip Flops- I was so thankful I brought these. For any germaphobes out there, this is a must-have when it comes time to shower. 
  3. Toiletries- I packed a little bag from the toiletries section at target just as if I was going on vacation. When it came time to shower it was so relaxing to have some yummy smelling body wash and a nice conditioner. 
  4. Change for the Vending Machine or snacks in your bag- At least at our hospital, when the kitchen closed at eight, there were no additional options for food. Having change for the vending machine was a lifesaver for those middle of the night snacks especially for my husband. 
  5. Phone charger- Don’t forget this! You are in bed for a few days, by having this handy, you can easily update family and friends.

Babies bag 

  1. Letter Board- This was a big one for me, I love seeing all the birth announcements with the letter board in the photo. It makes for the cutest first photos!
  2. Baby blanket- This comes in handy to wrap baby in when family and friends come to visit and to bundle them up when it is time to head home.
  3. Hats and socks – Hospitals are so cold, having these two items will make baby nice and cozy! I ordered a monogrammed hat from Etsy which also made for the cutest hospital photos.
  4. Swaddle- There are so many cool swaddle sacks on the market today. The only tip I have is be to be careful with the Velcro ones. They swaddle great, but are rather noisy, which is not the most convenient for those middle of the night diaper changes!
  5. Diapers- Yes, the hospital should supply these to you. But if you are planning on using a specific brand, cloth diapers or natural diapers plan on bringing your own.

There you have it, five of my must-have items for mom and baby during their hospital stay. I promise there will be so many items that you will think of that just won’t get used. And chances are if you forget something the hospital has it or a family member or friend can run to grab it. On another note, don’t forget to stock up when you are at the hospital with all of your postpartum needs! Seriously, I didn’t end up buying anything for my recovery as my nurses loaded me up on spray, pads, cream, and those amazing disposable underwear and ice packs before we headed home. Regardless of what is or isn’t in your bag, enjoy those first few days bonding with your newest family member and order as much room service as possible!

By Paige Hutchinson

Paige Hutchinson is a wife to her high school sweetheart, Ryan, and mama to her beautiful one-year-old daughter, Remington (a.k.a Remi). She is a Colorado Native who will never leave and is loving being a stay at home mom! Before having Remi, Paige worked in the Health Care Administration world as well as ran her own Wedding Planning Business on the side! Since having Remi, she now stays at home with her while teaching Chinese children English online and works as a nanny placement coordinator. Paige is a total homebody, and loves spending time with her family and friends who all happen to live within blocks of one another! Everyone at Target knows her and Remi by name and she always has more than enough Chick Fil A reward points for a weekly milkshake! She would love to share her mama tips, favorite items, and so much more with you on her blog and Instagram!

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