New Year, New Goals

Do you get caught up in the whole new years resolution thing? I admit, I used to do the whole, “This year I am really going to get my butt in gear and lose 15 pounds!”. Then two weeks into the new year, I’m sitting on the couch eating snickers and feeling sorry for myself. The whole new years resolution thing just doesn’t work for me!

This year I decided to do monthly goals instead. So at the beginning of each month I will give myself 1 or 2 goals to achieve by the end of that month.

I came into 2020 feeling terrible. I was sick with some stomach bug, and I just felt miserable all around. To be completely honest, I was feeling pretty bad before that. I hadn’t been eating right, or working out regularly, and although I lost weight after having my third son, I somehow gained it all back and now weigh about as much as I did when I delivered him a year and a half ago.

I knew that a “resolution” just wasn’t something I was going to stick with, but I knew I needed to do something to get back on track to living a healthier life. So that’s why I decided to try the monthly goals.

Healthier Eating

Eating healthy can be really hard at times. It can be so easy to just grab a sugary snack, sit down on the couch and not even think twice about what I am doing. However, that sort of snacking has gotten me to where I am today.

I have found that if I buy my groceries online, that I wont buy as much junk as I normally do when I go to the store. So at the beginning of the year, I bought ALL the healthy food you can think of. I looked through Pinterest for healthy meal and snack ideas and I tried to do as much meal and snack prep as I could to make it easier for quick eating.

I highly suggest meal planning, keeping your snacks and meals super simple and easy and not hating on yourself if you slip up and eat a cookie or fruit snack here or there.

Physical Activity

I injured my foot in September and was unable to do much cardio, so I basically just stopped all physical activity for a few months. I lost my motivation, but I started walking on my treadmill after my foot healed just to get some daily movement in since I work from home. I do like to use YouTube for workout videos that I can do in my living room when my son is napping. You can use programs that you pay for on a monthly basis, or join a gym, but for me the most doable situation is working out at home.

No Alcohol

I also made the decision to cut out ALL alcohol in January. I love beer, especially Surly! But its high in calories and super bloating. So the entire month of January I didn’t have a single sip of alcohol. No beer, no wine, nothing. Let me tell you, it was hard somedays. There are days when its been a very long day at home with my 3 boys, and mama just wants to have a little glass of relaxation. But I made it through the month without alcohol and honestly, my body was thanking me for it!

Better Health

An entire month with no alcohol, eating less junk food, and being more active definitely felt amazing! I woke up every (most) mornings feeling happy, healthy and ready to take on the day. My clothes fit a little better, I was sleeping better, I didn’t have to pop tums like candy because of all the junk I was eating.

I highly recommend giving yourself small monthly, weekly, maybe even daily goals. I believe that giving yourself shorter goals, will make it so much easier to continue setting goals for yourself. The easier the goal is to achieve, the more likely you are to continue setting them!

By Sarah DeVries

Sarah lives in a small town in Southern Minnesota. She is a wife and boy mom of three to Tristan, Gabriel and Cassian, and her husband Jordan is a Firefighter. She is a sahm, blogger and works in network marketing. She is an introverted-extrovert, so she loves to spend time alone to read romance novels and watch sappy TV shows. However, she also likes to meet new people and go out. She enjoys spending her time with her boys, blogging, marketing, improving her makeup skills, traveling, and promoting self-love and acceptance. She would love for you to connect with her on social media and follow her journey as a busy mom and business woman.

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