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An Open Letter to Our Body

Dear Body,

I know that you hear a lot of negative talk about not being enough. Not thin enough, not tall enough, not strong enough, just not enough over and over again. As those thoughts are replaying over and over in my mind, or to the mirror I know they are letting you down just as they are letting my mind down. It is a never ending battle. So why is this a battle we continue to fight?

A lot of us talk about self-care, taking care of ourselves and being healthy but only if our body responds in the way we think it should. Getting thinner, stronger, and better. Most times if we didn’t get those results we wanted so desperately so fast then we will replace that eagerness with punishment for our body. Punishment in ways of not eating, or not eating in healthy ways. Over exertion in frustration. The worst punishment is those nasty negative thoughts that creep in and start the war all over.

We HAVE to break this cycle.

It is time to start KNOWING that our bodies are so much more to us than the way it looks from the outside. Our bodies are I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E … seriously, amazing temples. These temples are worth so much more than the negative thoughts, punishments, and deprivation we give them so many times. Our bodies are worth fighting for, not against.

Let us start moving our bodies because we CAN, feeding our bodies what it needs because we WANT to, and telling our bodies how much we love them because we BELIEVE it. The positive mindset and appreciation will not come over night, or happen every day, we all have our off days. But, even in those days where we are frustrated or down let’s give ourselves the respect that we deserve, that our bodies deserve, the respect for everything that it does for us even on the days where we are struggling to see the beauty with our own eyes.

Let us see our bodies for everything that it is, instead of everything that we wish it was. Do not miss out on a moment of this gift that we are only given once, LIFE! Live the hell out of it and appreciate all that it has on the journey; because just like that life, loving ourselves is a journey and it starts today!


be kind, be you


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