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So You’re a Little Broken

A friend of mine recently received a gift from her mom. A snow globe; which has been a tradition they’ve shared for years. It’s something she has cherished and looks forward to. She has a whole cabinet filled with these tokens of love. 

The night she brought the newest addition of her collection home she left it in its gift bag on the mud room counter. It was late, and she decided she would get everything put away the next day; after they all had some rest. Pretty standard for many of us, I’m sure. The next morning her daughter reached behind the gift bag to grab something; an easy guess of what happened next.. there was a crash, and lots of tears as the glass was carefully picked up. Then the once contained liquid wiped clean. 

I love how she handled the whole situation. She let her kids see her emotions, see her sadness. They saw her pain as she cleaned up the loss of such a heartfelt gift. She didn’t yell, however. She knew it was an accident and there was no way anger mixed with sadness would solve anything. Her daughter, along with a son, did their best to lift her spirits by making her cards to show they care and her feelings matter. 

How many times do we find something broken and decide it’s no good? Maybe even not worth our time anymore? Have pain, break a little and feel WE aren’t worth it? We let those cracks and chips start to define us, impact us negatively. We look in the mirror and find our fractures then break a little as we let them fill in with sadness, then anger when not properly cared for. 

We are all a little broken. We all have scars, some bigger than others. The fact is we are patchwork quilts of our experiences. We are snipped, clipped and stitched. We gather up the pieces needed and leave scraps behind us in a trail as we’ve lived. We are perfectly, beautifully pieced together showing moments, some darker, some brighter. Pulled together with love and healing in stunning contrast.

Japanese pottery is rarely tossed when broken. Instead, it’s often mended with liquid gold. The scars make it more beautiful, more unique. The gold brilliantly shows the fractures of the objects past and highlights the defining lines of its life. Making its future more beautiful. 

The mending of cracks and fractures is an art. It takes time. It takes practice. It is worth it. Just like Japanese pottery, it takes time and practice to mend our broken bits. As we learn to do so, it’s also worth it. If we can’t mend our broken pieces, how can we help and teach our children to mend theirs? It’s a practiced skill that needs constant honing, and worth passing to our legacy. 

The snow globe? It’s sitting in a cabinet surrounded by dozens of perfect snow globes. Snow globes that don’t have any visible cracks or broken pieces. It’s sitting on two cards, written with love. It doesn’t shake into a white winter flurry anymore. It has jagged pieces, and doesn’t resemble a perfect translucent sphere. If you ask me, it’s the most beautiful globe there. 

Here’s to all us broken people. You; with all your cracks, your chips, and fractures. You; who is struggling to get out of bed. You; who has been wronged in some way; whether by family, friend or foe. You; whose trust has been broken. Whose world feels upside down. I see YOU. You have embellishments of gold perfectly placed in cracks you didn’t ask for. You are perfect. You are stunning.

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By Chelsea Dattage

Chelsea Dattage has deep roots in Northern Utah; where she has lived most her life. She is firewife to Jon, whom she adores, while also wanting to thump him upside the head now and then - a real life romantic comedy in the making, heavy on the comedy. Together they have three children, Jack, Griffin, and Lila. She spends her days surviving the chaos of her two boys, who keep her laughing by swinging off the blinds "like Tarzan". As well as her daughter, a surprise finale that came with more ruffles and bows than anyone could have ever prepared a boy mom for. Chelsea enjoys cooking, traveling, mom hacks, and relaxing with her hidden stash of chocolate after the kids head to bed. She believes something good can come out of any situation; even if the good is laughing at herself and her own embarrassment. In the Dattage home, laughter is the key to survival.
Chelsea lives in a world of super hero’s, not so perfectly placed bows and the occasional runny nose, you can find more of her at Batman Boogers & Bows! Head over and say hi!

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