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Tiny Tummy Trouble: Tips and Tricks

Remington is my first born, so when she came into this world screaming I had no idea what I was doing wrong. “Colic” is commonly diagnosed during infancy, but it is a very vague diagnosis, and often times does not address all symptoms. I tried everything I came across online to console her so called “colic”, and I am here to share my favorite tummy tips and tricks to help those tiny tummies when they are still trying to figure everything out.

Bicycle Kicks and Tiny Tummy Massage Techniques

Bicycle kicks and tiny tummy massages are typically the first technique that will pop up when you Google what to do with tummy troubles- and let me tell you, it ABSOLUTELY works! You can Google and Pinterest all types of different techniques. We would grab some lotion and rub gently around Remi’s belly button in a clockwise motion starting on the outside of her belly and working our way towards her tiny belly button. We would then move her legs in a bicycle motion and then press them up towards her belly. This would almost always help release some of her gassiness! Plus, she would always find the kicks funny, and baby toots are pretty cute.

Gerber Soothe Drops

Gerber Sooth Drops are truly a miracle worker, and we still give them to Remi at fifteen months! They can be found at Target or Amazon (cheaper on Amazon, but Target price matches) and they have the option of having Vitamin D in them as well. I initially picked these drops due to the packaging clearly stating it reduces colic and fussiness but I also learned that they contain one strain of bacteria which has been shown to help with a milk allergy. This was a HUGE plus in our situation. We have tried switching probiotics as Remi got older and they always messed with her belly. These drops have always been gentle and have helped to keep her regular as well!


Bath Time

Can you think of anything more relaxing than a warm bath when you’re not feeling well? We would draw a warm bath with some soothing lavender bubbles and just let her soak while pouring the warm water on her little belly. As a nighttime bonus, this method always makes her sleepy due to the slight change in body temperature. Another tip here, I loved having a bath thermometer because I knew what was the safest temperature to keep her in.

Gripe Water

Gripe water is a very traditional method, and is something you should always have in the house with newborns. There are multiple brands on the market that all contain very similar ingredients (lemon balm, ginger, fennel, etc…). The general idea behind these drops is to help aid in digestion and relieve tummy discomfort. Little ones generally seem to take to these drops right away because they taste just like sugar water and can be given safely throughout the day! Aside from belly issues, Gripe Water can also be used for teething troubles, and those pesky hiccups.

Tummy Wrap

The tummy wrap is a method that I stumbled across during one of our 2am feedings when I was desperate for answers. The theory behind it is similar to that of a bubble bath and warming the tummy. The wrap goes on to provide heat and pressure on the belly which in theory provides comfort and aids in releasing additional gas by calming the belly. I found a great company online, MEMEENO, and their wraps come in the cutest prints! I found that the pressure alone with this wrap provided comfort. When using the tummy wrap, I never let her sleep in it overnight due to the concern of overheating. Whats great about this specific wrap is that it can be used up until 12months of age!

Tummy troubles, especially in these tiny bellies, can be so confusing and hard for mama and baby. Nothing solved our tummy problems 100% on their own, however, the methods above helped us out tremendously in those first few weeks! A few other things to watch out for include checking on their bottles to make sure they are not taking in too much air. As well as keeping an eye on if they are going to the bathroom regularly (otherwise you may need to try some prune or apple juice diluted). Their little bellies do figure it out, they just take some extra time. Try using the methods above in combination to see what works best for your little ones tiny tummy!

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By Paige Hutchinson

Paige Hutchinson is a wife to her high school sweetheart, Ryan, and mama to her beautiful one-year-old daughter, Remington (a.k.a Remi). She is a Colorado Native who will never leave and is loving being a stay at home mom! Before having Remi, Paige worked in the Health Care Administration world as well as ran her own Wedding Planning Business on the side! Since having Remi, she now stays at home with her while teaching Chinese children English online and works as a nanny placement coordinator. Paige is a total homebody, and loves spending time with her family and friends who all happen to live within blocks of one another! Everyone at Target knows her and Remi by name and she always has more than enough Chick Fil A reward points for a weekly milkshake! She would love to share her mama tips, favorite items, and so much more with you on her blog and Instagram!

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