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Pinterest Made Me Do it: The Easiest Guide to Becoming a Pinterest Mom

Hey mama’s, let us just take a moment to embrace our inner Pinterest Mom.

I see you pinning to your boards, trying to be creative, but always feeling as if you fall short.

I promise you don’t, anything you do for your kids, off Pinterest and just your own creations, are simply freaking amazing! But always remember that what we see on social media and Pinterest is not the whole story, it is only the pretty parts.

So, this ones for you, fellow Pinterest Moms and/or aspiring ones.

Hi, I am Rachel and I am a Pinterest Mom. Phew now that I said it, it’s not so bad and I am proud of it. Not only do I pin that stuff, I do that stuff. The messy, the kinda silly, all of it. I do it, and I do it half tired, with cold coffee in hand. I do it for my kids because their smile, their laugh and that sparkle in their eyes make it so worth it.

Now, let me be clear, I am not going out buying that random cool stuff, I am literally using stuff I have, with the exception of things my generous mom gets them and the stuff I sometimes sneak into our Wal-Mart grocery order. Sorry, Hubs!

I am here to teach you how you can incorporate little Pinterest inspired activities and feel like you are the coolest mom ever. Because let’s face it, feeling like a cool mom kinda rocks.

For starters, I have done the baking soda and vinegar so many times and each time my son loves it. See…so easy and I bet you have both in your cupboard. And just like that mama, you’re a Pinterest Mom! Rocking the sensory play!

Told ya, it is super simple!

So, without further ado, here is my easy guide to becoming a Pinterest Mom. With super simple activities and lots of fun.

Toddler+ Activities:

My go to fun activities for my toddler, that are also great keepsakes, is contact paper crafts. I will cut out shapes with colored contact paper, reserve the inners by cutting them into small but still grabbable pieces for small hands, and putting contact paper in the middle where I cut the shape out. For example for Thanksgiving, I cut out a turkey shape out of brown construction paper, used the inner pieces along with other colors I have saved from similar crafts and let my son go to town with creating his masterpiece. The pieces stick to the contact paper easily. This craft is super fun and you have a cute new keepsake at the end. My son loves doing these and I cling it to my window in our living room for the holiday!

So I recently started getting into sensory bins. I put all sorts of stuff in mine, and most of it I have laying around. I have put some of his toy cars in a bin with faux leaves and have him dig them out. I have put pieces of colored yarn and shaped erasers and have him pull the erasers out per request. My personal favorite and this one keeps my son really interested is wrapping his chunky puzzle pieces in foil, burying them in dried beans and have him unwrap and put his puzzle together. He loves this and it is so helpful for fine motor and matching/memory skills. Super simple and you can honestly just put the foil wrapped pieces in a bin and call it a day too.

Baby Activities:

I have two kids, an almost 2.5 year old and a 9 month old. So when I set my son up with a craft or sensory bin I always try to do something special for my daughter as well. An easy one is putting them in a jumper and filling a 9x13in baking pan with warm water, put the pan under their feet so when they jump they can splash around in the water. This little sensory foot bath is the best and effortless. Another fun one is a sensory bag. I fill up a gallon bag with water and throw in some frozen corn or peas, honestly you can just throw whatever you have. Zip it up, tape it to the floor, put your baby on their tummy and watch their eyes light up. Tummy time play and sensory exploration, nothing better.  My daughter loves to slap the bag and watch the corn dance around. You can even tape the bag to a highchair or walker. Simple. Easy. Fun!

Remember, anything you do is enough. If you showed up, tried, and made your kids happy, then it was awesome. You’re awesome! Pinterest Mom or not!

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