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20 Things to do in 2020

A new year is always something to look forward to. It is a fresh start, a clean slate. Here is a list of twenty things to do in order to ensure 2020 is one for the books!

Set GoalsThis is always something you hear people do at the start of a new year. Actually do it! Write down some goals whether it be short term or long term, whatever the case may be write them down and work towards them. Nothing feels as good as checking something off as complete.

Be IntentionalWhen you’re making those goals, be intentional. Make them have specific details, or deadlines. Come up with things to bring you out of your comfort zone. Lose weight, sure- but maybe lose 10 pounds in 3months. That is something more tangible to work towards. Setting goals is nice to have you accomplish a goal, but the ultimate satisfaction is turning your mindset into a positive one about yourself.

Make ListsI have a scatter brain that goes 100 mph most days of the week. So if I don’t write down my thoughts, needs, or goals I lose track of everything. Nothing is more frustrating than going in to the grocery store and forgetting that one item you truly needed. Because who likes to be at Wal-Mart in the first place! So write it all down, you won’t regret it!

ManifestMake it happen! Whatever it is that you want to accomplish, work your butt off and make it happen. Setting detailed goals that you want to achieve make working towards crossing those off your list that much more rewarding.

Be PresentI am a huge picture taker, I love to capture all the moments with my kids/family, but sometimes that means not truly being present for the moment. Let’s try to not be so worried about capturing that IG shot and be more worried about soaking up every minute creating the memory to last a life time. The picture is an added bonus but not as important as creating the moments in memory.

UnplugI know I am guilty of always having my phone within arm’s reach, but I want that to be one of my personal goals for this year is to truly unplug at least once a week. Most likely on Sundays. Turn the phone off, leave it off, and be present with your family. Soak up conversations, time spent together, and just be. I know this is a lot easier said than done, but we’ve got this!

Start TraditionsNot just for the holidays, but for anytime. One of the biggest reason I love the holiday season is to do all the family traditions I grew up doing and have now started with my own family, but I want to enjoy every part of the year just as we do the holiday season. So, why not start traditions with the family throughout the year? We did something new for the first time on New Year’s Day this year. We went to my mom’s house and she cooked the “good luck” meal and we played board games, played with the dogs, and just enjoyed being together to start the New Year. It is something we will do every year. I am looking forward to starting many new tradition this year. What are some that you do throughout the year already?

Say NO!- I know this is strange, especially for myself. I always want to be able to say yes, help whoever whenever I can, or whenever they ask. But man, this mindset sure has made me tired! Have you read the book “The Best Yes” by LysaTerkeurst? If not, I highly recommend reading that book, it gives the BEST explanation why it is important to say no at times, and only say yes when it is truly the best answer. Let’s put this in to action big time this year and know our best yes and our needed no’s!

Regret Nothing- I know it’s easy to say live life with no regrets, but truly manifest it. We often try to live life avoiding the hard stuff. Heartbreak, rejection, failure, when in all honesty we should only be avoiding the regret. Let the hard stuff sink in, feel the emotions and learn from it. Everything in our life can be used as a learning experience.

Don’t Dwell on the PastGet up, get over it, and move on. The past is the past for a reason. Everything that has happened in the past can either be a memory or a lesson. It is so easy to get stuck in what ifs, should have done, and cold have done but that will only tear us apart slowly.  We can never go back and changed what has already happened, but we can understand what happened and why it happened and learn from that and change for the future. So, let’s not dwell on thins we cannot change.

Support others-  Always support others whether it be other women, mothers, families, charities, or organizations. Someone is always going through a silent battle that we know nothing about. The best gesture you can give someone is support. Be an ear, a shoulder, a helping hand. Be anything to support others.

SkincareAlways wear sunscreen. I know this is a weird reminder, but I promise it is a good one. No one wants the damage the sun can cause, it’s just not good! So this is just your reminder to wear sunscreen. Even as a primer under your makeup, it’s just always a good idea!

Choose Friends Wisely- The people we choose as friends can impact our lives in a negative way or a positive way. Be sure to choose the positive way. The ones that will cheer for you on the good days, cry with you on the bad days, and be there to tell you just how it is on the in-between. True friends don’t sugar coat, they shoot the honesty at you, and let’s be honest we want the friend that will tell us just what we need to hear before we hear about it from the people we don’t want to hear from.

Quality is far greater than QuantityThe older I get the more I understand this advice that was given to me long ago. Have a small social circle is far greater than having many people in and out of your circle. Keep it small and simple and you will have those tried, true, trustworthy friends always in your corner.

Be POSITIVEThis is a choice! That is one thing we all must remember, it is a choice in how we react to things, how we treat people, and the emotions we choose to show at times. So let us remember to always see the glass half full, the positive end on every spectrum. It is easy to see the negative and nag, and mock the what ifs, and so on, and it may be more challenging to see the positive but I promise it is always worth it in the end!

Love yourselfAnother one of those things that is easier said than done, but again I promise so worth it in the end to practice this and then it becomes a habit. How can we give the best of ourselves to someone else when we don’t see the best in ourselves? To truly be ready to give your all and give all your love, we must first love and appreciate ourselves as a whole. This includes loving our bodies, through the good and the bad it is still a miracle machine. Always remember the only competition for you is yourself, no one else.

EnneagramTake the test and discover yours. The results will truly help you understand certain aspects of yourself. The way you think, the way you handle certain things it is truly amazing to see. I am a 8 wing 2- any fellow 8’s out there?

Love Language- This is another one you need to know. This is a book/test you can take alone or with your significant other. Discovering and understanding the way that you want to be shown love is truly life changing. It helps you understand your internal needs, as well as others around you the best way for them to show us they love and appreciate us so we will accept it best.

Be KINDThis is a daily reminder for myself as well. It sure is easy to be rude, to make comments, and be ugly, or to judge but that its not always best to take the easy road. The more difficult road sometimes leads to the best destinations, which includes being kind. This can take us on the best journey. Being kind is a choice, and it will always be the best choice no matter what. I always tell my kids one thing you can always choose for yourself and others, is to be kind. Smile, wave, say hello, give a compliment, and just always be kind!

# 20Just know, the trick to having it all is realizing that you already do! Be thankful for every little thing. Let us constantly live in a life full of thanks. Let’s change our perspective, which in turn can change others perspective, which can cause a whole lot of changing. Domino effect-one change leads to more change. Let us just start with a good change.

2020 I see you, let’s do this!!

Be kind, be you 



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