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5 Ways to Freshen Up For a New Decade

2020 has brought us a brand new decade! Start the year fresh with these five tips to help minimize administrative clutter and stay on top of it!

  1. Unsubscribe from unwanted mailing lists.

         I don’t know about you, but an inbox full      of notifications makes me anxious and feel like I’m going to miss or forget something. I realized that of the 10 emails I get in a day, right around 7 of them are just junk. Over the past month, whenever I’ve received a “junk” email, I’ve made sure to unsubscribe from the mailing list prior to deleting it to help cut down on the inbox clutter. When you stop getting emails you don’t want, you no longer have to use any of your precious mom brain storage space for unnecessary info.


     2. Make appointments for dentist, doctors, etc for the year.

        It may seem tedious to have to bust out your calendar for months in advance, but when you get your routine appointments on the books they won’t creep up on you (and then have to squeeze in at the last minute when there’s never a convenient opening). Schedule routine exams for physicals, dental, optometry and any other routine providers you + your littles see.

     3. Get rid of things you don’t wear.

         We’ve all heard this before, but it’s true! Stop looking at clothes you know you’re not going to wear. Make it a resolution to only have things available that make you comfortable and feel GOOD. Those sweaters you know are itchy and you (not so) secretly hate? Bye. The pants that look right but just feel “weird”? Adios. Sell pieces online using marketplace or apps like Poshmark – even making a couple dollars on each piece goes toward items that are comfortable and make you feel confident.

     4. Cancel subscriptions you aren’t getting your money’s worth out of.

        Do we really need 4 different streaming services when we all know there’s that one we pay for solely to watch a single show? Is there a product sample box you get every month that just sits in the cabinet because your toiletries and samples are already overflowing or you never use them? Is the gym you’re paying for inconveniently located and the badge to sign in is more decoration for your keychain than anything else? Cancel them. It’s surprising how much adds up in unused subscriptions every month or how little you miss these services when you cease to pay for them. Audit your subscriptions and see which you don’t use or if there are doubles, like a music streaming service, that you’re paying for twice individually when you could just pay for one family subscription. Even if it’s $20 a month you save by cutting these out, that’s a well deserved mom treat 😉

     5. Check your rates.

       Reach out to companies you’ve been loyal with to see if they have any incentives to save on reoccurring bills or options to refinance because you’re in good standing. Auto insurances offer devices that monitor your driving and can score you a discount on your monthly bill just for driving safely. If you finance your cellular devices or tablets, see what they payoff amount is; sometimes it’s an amount smaller than you thought and you’re able to pay that small remaining chunk rather than continuing to extend out the financing which would cost more over time ultimately. Your car loan may be able to be refinanced if your account is in good standing and you’ve made payments on time. It doesn’t hurt to ask – the worst they can say is no and your bill will stay the same but a little savings here and there can really add up over the year!

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