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2 Simple Ways to be More Organized in 2020!

It’s finally 2020! The start of a new decade, We can just feel the resolutions manifesting themselves & I find that for me being more organized helped me accomplish my past resolutions easily and in the time I allotted for myself. So here are a few quick and easy tips on how to be more organized for 2020!

First off let’s start off with what organization means for you. Being organized is not just keeping areas tidy. It’s more about bringing peace to your surrounding and being in control of your belongings. Organization for me is keeping my keys in the same spot every time I return home. It adds less stress to our already busy lives by everything having a “home”, decluttering often & being disciplined enough to continue placing those items in their home so:

  • Everything in your home that is of importance should have a “home”.

If you find that there are too many things and not enough homes… then it’s time to get rid of some things. I didn’t realize this until I watched a show on Netflix called Tidying up w/ Marie Kondo & I thought I was organized!

Ok, now we’re in the area of life organization. A great way to be organized at life is getting a Monthly planner or using your phone calendar to be up to dates with important appointments, deadlines and birthday parties. To stay ahead of the game you can make an alerted reminder a week earlier so life never catches you off guard!

  • Get a Planner/Calendar it’s a great way to start being more organized in life.

Lastly just try to stay consistent. Once you get started it will get easier and easier to stay organized and you will find that you’ve built a great habit to pass down to your kids!

HAPPY 2020!

By Sheyla Jordan

Sheyla Jordan is a 26 year old, Cuban/Caymanian native living in Chattanooga TN. She is a wife & mom to T'Challa (stillbirth), Le'gin (2) and Shuri 3 months old. Before her children Sheyla and her husband traveled the country playing Flag Football which was also the way they met. Sheyla is an advocate for Clean & Healthy living as well as mothers who have experienced stillbirths and how to overcome & be one with those moments. Sheyla is a Certified Professional Medical Interpreter & a Track and Field Coach. Sheyla is passionate about helping people be the best versions of themselves & she does this by dedicating her social media pages to educating and sharing insights on her knowledge base and lifestyle which she tries to live as holistically as possible. Sheyla enjoys spending time with her family, Traveling, Working out and meeting new people over a glass of wine!
You can follow Sheyla & her family on Instagram @sheynatural.xo

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