31 Days of Fall Fun

Happy Fall Y’all!

Fall has been my favorite season for as long as I can remember. Now that I am a parent, it is even more fun because there is so much to do with the kids when the weather is crisp and sunny.
Here are some of my favorite fall activities to do with my kids, as well as a few that are for just for me.

Scroll to the end for a fun printable checklist of 31 days of fun fall activities ( That’s one fall themed thing to do for each day of October)!

Visit the cider mill or apple orchard
Go for a walk, sip on some cider and eat freshly made donuts!



Go to a Fall Fest
Check out your local Facebook events to see what kind of fall activities may be going on that you are unaware of. A lot of cities have fall festivals that include cider and donuts, along with pumpkins and fun activities for kids. Some may even be free to attend!

Apple Picking
We love going to the apple orchard and picking our favorite apples!

Make caramel apples
Caramel apples are a fall staple, and so easy to make! Most grocery stores have caramel in the  produce aisle ( usually by the apples) and they are fun to decorate. My favorite toppings are Oreos, sprinkles and peanuts!

Taking a scenic drive
If you live anywhere where the leaves change color, it is always so much fun just take  a scenic drive and look at all of the beautiful fall colors.


Take pictures of the foliage
Even with a cell phone, foliage pictures usually turn out to be beautiful!

Of course, pumpkin spice lattes have to be on this list! This year we got a espresso / cappuccino machine so we will be skipping out on the $5 coffees and making them our selves.

Buy new boots
This is definitely one that I love! I love fall fashion, and boots are my favorite type of shoe! I try to get at least one new pair every fall!

Make chili
There are so many great Fall comfort foods, but chili is my absolute favorite. We make it every year on the first fall weekend!

Decorate the  porch with fall décor
I love decorating my porch for fall. I usually try to keep it simple with a couple of pumpkins, a bail of hay, some mums, a scarecrow and maybe a “Happy Fall” sign. When I get a bigger porch, I plan on adding corn stalks to it!



Decorate the porch with Halloween décor
Another option is to decorate your porch is with Halloween décor, which is a fun activity to do with kids. I know that when I was a kid my sister and I loved to do this every year! In Metro Detroit there is a street in Romeo that goes all out for Halloween every year! It is fun to walk down the street and see all of the amazing decorations!




Have a bonfire
There is nothing like having a couple of drinks around a bonfire while wearing a hoodie on a cool, crisp fall night!

Drink Apple cider
Cold apple cider as well as hot apple are a fall staple! Cold apple cider is super refreshing, and warm apple cider is perfect for a cool fall evening. I love heating up a glass of cold apple cider in the microwave, and adding a little bit of ground cinnamon to it.  You can also buy packets that you just add to hot water which are perfect for work!

Jumping in the leaves
Our boys loved jumping in the leaves when they were younger, I can remember loving it too as a kid. We have 4 huge trees in our yard so this is definitely made possible every year. My husband rakes, and the boys and I have fun ( jk- but really, being 6-7 months pregnant in the fall definitely had it’s advantages the last two years 😉 )



Carve or paint pumpkins
I love carving pumpkins with the boys every year ( and by carving pumpkins with them I mean carving pumpkins for them while they watch for 10 minutes and then disappear into the living room.)  My favorite part about carving pumpkins is roasting the pumpkin seeds afterward! Painting pumpkins is fun too, and it something that is a little easier for the kids to do when they are younger.




Halloween movie marathon
I love watching Halloween movies with the kids. Some of our favorites are of course Hocus Pocus and Halloween Town ( 1, 2 & 3). Watching kid Halloween movies with the boys makes me feel like a kid again. Freeform and The Disney Channel usually have Halloween Movie marathons, and Netflix also has a good selection.

Taking the kids trick or treating
This one is a given. Usually it is cold and a lot of the time it is rainy here, but we still have a lot of fun taking the boys trick or treating. It is fun seeing all the other kids dressed up in their cute Halloween costumes, and it is even more fun getting to eat our sons candy when they aren’t looking 😉



Check out the Fall Fun checklist below! How many things do you plan on doing off of this checklist this year?

What are some of your favorite Fall activates? Comment below!

fall fun rev 2.PNG



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