10 Tips For New Irish Twin Mama’s

Being a mom to Irish Twins ( two children born to the same mom within a year of each other) definitely has it’s challenges. My IT2 (Irish Twin 2) is 4 months now so would think that I am well adjusted, but truth is I feel like my house is a circus most of the time.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way! Here are some things that I have learned since becoming a mom to Irish Twins.

1.I feel like this tip is most important. When I had my son (Irish Twin 1), I thought that there was no way I would be able to love my daughter as much. I thought that once she arrived I would have to split the love that I have for him. When she was born, and I held her for the first time, I realized that the love was not divided amongst them. Instead, it multiplied. Your love will multiply too!

2. Going out anywhere requires careful planning. You have to make sure you have enough diapers, wipes, bottles and formula for them both. It isn’t a bad idea to have an extra diaper bag in your car filled with wipes and diapers too. There have been times where I have dropped off one of the kids to my parents house, and took the other one out with me, not realizing that I had to take a diaper bag with me, as well as leave one at their house. If you formula feed, it’s also a good idea to keep ready to make formula in your purse for this reason ( leaving it in the car isn’t really an option because of the temperature of the car). It’s easy to forget things like this when there is chaos.

3. Utilize nap time, especially if you can get them to nap at the same time. If you need to sleep, sleep. But if your dishes are loading up ( and chances are they will), try to get them done when your infant is sleeping.

4. You will need to double up on many baby items. Some things are obvious and some things you will learn as you go.

5. Mom to mom sales are amazing and should be your best friends. It is so hard for me to spend $15-$20 on a baby outfit they will outgrow in a month or two when you can go to mom to mom sales and usually find clothing for a dollar or two per piece! Believe me, you will save so much money on clothes, and you can use that money toward other things you will need…like diapers!

6. Which brings me to this point- diapers and wipes. You will need so many! While I was pregnant with It2 we of course saved any diapers that IT1 outgrew since we knew we would be using them again soon when our daughter was born. We also considered stock piling diapers, but I didn’t want to get too many of one size since we aren’t sure if we are having anymore kids. Plus you never know if the baby will have skin sensitivities to certain brands. One option instead of stock piling would be to buy a $25 – $50 gift card to Target or Amazon once a week, and then once baby is here use that gift card to buy diapers, wipes or formula. To me, that is easier than setting aside cash since cash is easier to spend anywhere. Also, if you order online you don’t have to drag two babies out to the store.

7. Double strollers are AMAZING! We didn’t have one the first few weeks, and it made going out by myself difficult. At our daughters newborn check up, I pushed IT1 in an umbrella stroller and IT2 in the infant click connect stroller at the same time and it was very challenging! My oldest step son named our double stroller our ” baby bus”! We take our “baby bus” everywhere!

8. Prepare to get looks while out in public, and have people make comments such as ” Wow, you have your hands full” or ” You know how that works, right?” ( referring to knowing how getting pregnant works). You’d think people really wouldn’t have the nerve to say things like that, but I promise you, they do.

9. Be prepared to be able to juggle things like making bottles, warming up food for your toddler and comforting a screaming newborn, while trying to keep IT1 from climbing up on furniture and standing to see how well they can balance. The hardest thing for me has been having two babies that are at different stages of their lives developmentally, but still rely so much on you to provide for them, keep them safe, teach them and play with them.

10. Remind yourself that no matter how hard it seems like it can be, it is well worth it. I spent the first 8 days crying uncontrollably because I felt completely overwhelmed. But I got through it, and you will too. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and take the help that is offered. As much as you want to be super mom right away, everyone needs some help sometimes and having two babies under 1 year old isn’t easy. Even though it can be tough, you’ve got this, mama! No matter how hard my days may be, when I look into my babies eyes I am reminded that it is well worth it.


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