Essential Items You Will Need 2 Of When You Have Irish Twins

Learning that you’re pregnant again, while you’re most likely still adjusting to having a newborn can feel overwhelming. There is so much to think about. Just as you are starting to feel confident in your new routine, things are about to be switched up again.

Hopefully this list of things you will need two of when having Irish Twins will help!

Double Stroller- Believe me, it is not easy AT ALL trying to push two separate strollers at once. I did it one time when I was at my daughters newborn well check and it was a pain. Ever since we got a double stroller, our life on the go has been a lot easier! This is the double stroller that we have and we love it. This stroller is nice because you can click the infant seat in either the front or back. When IT1 wasn’t adjusted to IT2 yet we kept our newborn in the seat closest to us. But once he got the hang of her and could be trusted we let them face each other. I also love that the back seat can lay flat. It’s perfect for bottle time as well as it makes a great changing table. When we are out and there are no changing tables in the bathrooms this has been a great alternative. It is way easier than using the trunk of the car when it’s freezing outside or a nasty bathroom floor!


Graco Modes Double Stroller, Amazon

Two Rear Facing Car Seats – We had the Graco Click Connect infant seat from when our son ( Irish Twin 1) was a baby. We kept that for our daughter and bought him an Evenflow convertible car seat when she was born. She is now in the infant seat and we will just buy her and Evenflow seat once she outgrows it. The Evenflow seats are nice because they are safe, stylish and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat, Saturn, Amazon


Two High Chairs – our oldest still needs to sit in a high chair, otherwise he won’t sit still during meals. So two high chairs is a must!


Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Convertible Highchair, Sapphire, Amazon

Two Cribs-  We put our babies in cribs starting around 7 months ( maybe earlier with IT2) so we will definitely be using two cribs. There is no way our oldest IT is ready for a toddler bed and they obviously can’t share a crib. We could use a pack n play instead if we want to save money, but they will be sharing a room and I think the cribs look a lot nicer. Plus the crib converts into a toddler bed so we I’ll get plenty of use out of it!

Child Craft Delaney 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, Matte White
Child Craft 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, Matte White, Amazon

Extra Bottles – We go through SO many bottles. Our pediatrician advised us to try to get IT1 off of bottles before 15 months, but that was a no-go. He sees his sister getting a bottle and immediately wants one too. He will be off the bottle when he is ready. We have a total of 9-9oz bottles and 5- 4 oz bottles. We use them all within a day and wash them at night ( most of the time). Sometimes things get busy and it’s easier to grab a clean bottle than to wash one when you’re in a hurry.

Extra Paci’s – This is one thing we buy as we go. Our daughter is really picky on what pacifiers she likes and she won’t take certain kinds. Luckily we didn’t buy them ahead of time.

Many many diapers and wipes – We go through so many diapers and wipes. See my post here about tips for diaper stockpile

A large diaper bag and possibly an extra one – We use a diaper bag similar to the one below. It is large enough for everything we need to pack on a daily basis. It is also a good idea to have an extra diaper bag in case you take one baby out and your significant other or someone else takes the other baby somewhere else.

I noticed the one below even has a cell phone charger built in!


Optional: Two Pack N’ Play’s or other portable safe sleep areas.- We have a lot of family out of town and need two safe sleep places for each baby to sleep in while we are away. We have two Pack N’ Plays which I like the best because they are safe sleep approved and portable. I also like that they have a bassinet option so I can use it as a bassinet when our kids are newborns and then use it as an on the go crib when they are bigger but are still not ready to sleep in a bed.

What other items would you suggest to double up on as a parent of Irish Twins?



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