Staying Organized While Going Through IVF

Going though infertility was a really tough time in my life. When I finally had the chance to do IVF I felt so relieved, hopeful and excited, but I also felt overwhelmed. Not only did I hate getting shots, but I knew that it was going to be an emotional journey. I decided right away that if I wanted to help alleviate some of the stress, I was going to have to stay as organized as possible.

A few months before we started our journey, my friend sent The IVF Journal, which I immediately read front to back. The book helped prepare me for what our future was going to look like down the road.

Order a The IVF Journal here!

Our IVF clinic gave us a short one on one class about the different meds I would be on, and how to inject them, but there were so many, and it all seemed to be so overwhelming.
To help stay organized, I divided my meds up into Zip lock bags. I had 2 bags for each day I needed meds, and labeled the bag with the date, and what was in it. I included an alcohol wipe, a couple of band aids, and wrote on the bag any of the meds that were refrigerated, so it would remind me I needed those as well. I also had the meds listed by date in my IVF journal and marked them off as they were injected. One bag contained any AM meds, and the other PM meds.

There were a couple of times where the dosages of my meds were changed after having an ultrasound ( which I had every 2-3 days), but I just changed what was in the zip lock bag to reflect my new dosage.

My “kit” also included a tape measure, and I measured my waistline every couple of days to make sure I didn’t look too bloated ( which can be a sign of a serious condition called OHSS). I made sure to log my weight as well to also help notice the signs of OHSS. I included a notebook and pen to make note of anything I needed to tell my doctor at our next appointment.

I probably was a little excessive while doing injections. I made sure I did them every day at the exact same time ( up until the minute) but this process helped me have everything ready as soon as I needed it. There was no searching through boxes, looking for the right vials and syringes. It was all ready to go.

Staying organized definitely took some of the edge off of the physically and emotionally stressful process, and I recommend this process to anyone going through IVF!

How did you / do you plan on staying organized through IVF? What tips would you give to someone starting the IVF process? Comment below!


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