Travel Mementos That Are More Than Just A Postcard

I love to travel, and I love to look back on memories. Sure, it is simple now a days to take pictures while you are driving across the country to help document your adventures, but sometimes it is nice to have little mementos that don’t cost an arm and a leg to help remember that Spring Break you spent down in Panama ( besides- pictures of trips like those will probably be on the embarrassing side in years to come). Here are a couple of fun ways to remember your vacations without just buying a postcard.

Collect Shot Glasses
This is what I do. It is a fun way to remember places you have been, and there are different designs and options to choose from. Sometimes it is hard to find a shot glass, but I have found that if you’re driving on a major highway, they are usually easy to find at truck stops like Flying J or Loves. They are also easy to find in airports. The only downside to the shot glasses is once you have a good collection going, they begin to take up a lot of room. I stick to only collecting one per state or country/ providence that I have been to.

I love this idea I found on Pinterest, and would love to get one of my own to display my glasses!

Image 2018-10-05 09_53_22

Collect Rocks
If you’re visiting a cool beach, or the mountains, and there are a lot of rocks, look for one that is the perfect size and bring It home with you! Add even more fun by painting it with a picture, or label it with the place you brought it back from. It is a cute way to start a little rock garden in your back yard, and while you’re sitting outside you can reminisce on the places you’ve been! Just be sure to not disturb nature, or collect from a National Park or protected area.
Look at this cute idea from!

Image 2018-10-05 09_58_36

Bring Home Some Sand
I once knew a couple who brought home a bag of sand from every beach they went to together,  poured it into a big vase, and labeled where the sand was from. After a few different beaches, the vase started to look really cool. The sand from the various beaches were different colors, and made a cool design once it was poured into the vase!

Image 2018-10-05 09_58_28

photo credit

Create A Travel Map
Use those pictures that I was talking about and make a travel map! Get two of the same decent size maps , and cut out each state on one of the maps. Take the state and trace it over your picture. Cut out your picture and glue it to the state on the second map. As you travel, add to the map. What a cool way to show off your trip to the Rockies, snowboarding in Vermont and that fun vacation you took in Miami!

Image 2018-10-05 10_03_23

Below is a tutorial from “Cut Craft Create” on how to make one of your own like the one above!

Travel Map Tutorial

What are some of your favorite travel mementos? Comment below!


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