From the moment my husband and I officially moved in together, I became a mom figure to his two boys. It was no surprise to us that when I had a baby this past January, he is also a boy. I love being a boy mom!

Here are a few things that I have learned over these past 7 years living with boys.

Boys have a lot of energy.
I will always remember the first time I played “super heroes” with my husband’s oldest. He was around 3.5 years old, and we played with his Green Arrow action figure, and ran around the living room for what felt like hours. I went home that night and passed right out. I was exhausted! I eventually got used to the high amount of energy and my body adjusted.


Speaking of Superheroes, they are awesome
Superman, Batman, Flash, etc. I can name the whole Justice League as well as The Avengers. For a while, all birthday cakes and birthday parties  were Superhero themed, and we’ve seen every new superhero movie that has been out…several times. Being a girly girl before, I learned a whole lot, and actually love Superheroes now!


The only thing funnier than fart jokes are actual farts
They are apparently hilarious. The louder and longer, the funnier. Burping is funny too ( insert eye roll).


There is always pee outside of the toilet
Seriously, I think I will be cleaning up pee for the rest of my life. And the crazy thing is, it “magically” gets there…I’m not even sure how it appears because when I ask each of the boys if it was them, no one seems to admit to being the culprit. I’ve even found it in the garbage can next to the toilet. Seriously, if I can squat over a public restroom toilet and not pee on myself, then why can’t boys aim into the toilet when they obviously were born with more efficient equipment for aiming than I have?


Speaking of pee, changing diapers is a game
The game is called “Change him quick, or get peed on”, and sometimes no matter how quick you think you are – you are not fast enough. I do try to remember to cover him with a wipe or new diaper, but sometimes when my son is wiggling around that is just not an option! Poor little guy has peed in his own eye a couple of times because of this, as well as my face!

And although the fart jokes and getting peed on can be gross (and stinky), being a boy mom is absolutely wonderful and I love every part of it. I love their giggles, their smiles, the fact that they are gentlemen, and I personally think that they are hilarious ( most of the time).

The thing I love most about being a boy mom is..


They love their mama’s
My step sons love their mom so much, and they love me too! Whether it is helping when I need it, or offering to snuggle when they know I have had a rough day, these boys are always there for me and put a smile on my face.



This upcoming January we will be welcoming our first girl. I am excited to learn new girly things, but I am sure she will be a superhero loving kid just like her brothers.

Any #girlmoms out there that can give me some advice?


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