12 Cute Gender Reveal Ideas

gender reveal header

I wish I could be one of those people who are patient enough to wait to find out their baby’s gender once the baby is born. But I can’t, I am way too impatient. To me, the next best way is to find out with family and friends!


Below are some cute ways to find out your baby’s gender, as well as announce to your friends and family on social media!

All pictures below are linked to the original Instagram pic.


This one is absolutely adorable. It is actually a video, go ahead and watch it. The couple and their daughter had a bear dressed up at Build-A-Bear in blue or pink. So cute!

I love how beautiful this picture is. The lighting and the pink smoke are gorgeous!

I love the box with the balloon reveals. They are simple, and so pretty!


I really like how their friends and family were involved in this one!

This picture makes me wish that my husband was a pilot! How cool is this! The idea is different and the picture is absolutely stunning!


I love how they have smoke, confetti and balloons in this one!


I love how simple this announcement is! It is beautiful!

This one is really cool, especially for any car lovers!


Like the picture above, this one is unique. It would be cool for any bikers!

I love how their social media announcement is so simple and beautiful! The baby bump in the picture adds to the beauty!

Here are more pictures from their actual reveal…breathtaking!



This is how we found out what we were having last year. We had our friend put 4 different shades of paint in squirt guns, an then my husband, step-sons and I squirted the paint onto a blank canvas. The canvas is now hanging in his bedroom!


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