Signs That I Knew I Was Pregnant Before Testing

When you are trying to get pregnant, and you are googling “early pregnancy symptoms”, you will read about implantation bleeding, fatigue, mood swings, morning sickness, and a heightened sense of smell, among some others.

But it wasn’t completely like that for me. My first pregnancy was an IVF pregnancy, so I had a strong feeling I was pregnant because I knew there was a good probability, and I tested every day as soon as I was within the window to start testing.

My current pregnancy, I barely thought it was a possibility since I thought we would never get pregnant on our own. But once I started experiencing the following symptoms, I had a feeling a miracle was happening.

I started noticing all of the symptoms about 5 days before I tested.

Breaking out on my neck

One day I was talking to a pregnant coworker and I was telling her how when I was pregnant with my son I broke out on the right side of my neck for the first few months. As I was telling her, I touched my neck and felt that I was starting to break out there again.

Food aversions

I LOVE stuffed cabbage and I was so excited that my mom made extra for me. I brought 3 of them to work. I ate one, and then suddenly the thought of it and the smell made me want to throw up.

Restless nights

With my first pregnancy, I woke up often in the middle of the night. It started happening to me this pregnancy too, but I thought that it was just because it was my first week back to work from maternity leave, and my sleep schedule was changing.


I just kept feeling like I was pregnant, but I kept brushing it off because again, I didn’t think it was possible.

I dreamt I was pregnant

The night before I tested, I dreamt I was pregnant, and in my dream people kept telling me that I needed to take a test.

The next morning I tested and it was positive!

If you’re like me and you’re a POAS-ohalic ( peeing on a stick ohaic), these were my favorite pregnancy tests to take if I wanted to take multiple ( just to make sure the little embryo stayed).

What early pregnancy signs did you experience?


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