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Pregnancy is an exciting time in a couple’s life. It is amazing growing a little life inside of you, but it can also be a little nerve wrecking.

When I first learned that I was pregnant with my son last year, I felt a sense of fear once some of the excitement wore off. What should I expect? What is normal? When should I call the doctor? What can I eat? Exercise? Is my morning sickness normal? Why do my feet itch?

This year, I am pregnant again, and even though everything should be fresh in my mind, it is not. There are things that I have forgotten.

Luckily, we live in a day where information is easy accessible. Below are a few of my favorite pregnancy apps, and a book that I have been using during my pregnancies, and I definitely recommend them!

Ovia Pregnancy

This app is amazing! Plus it is free! Every day it updates you with new things either about you, or about your baby. Every week it will tell you what your baby is the size of. My baby is the size of a clownfish right now ( but we will not be naming him Nemo), and you can chose between themes like the size of fruits and veggies, weird but cute animals, Parisian bakery, or fun and games. Once the baby develops hands and feet it even shows you what the baby’s current hand and foot size is compared to how big it will be when he or she is born. That is my favorite part- I love watching it grow each week!

There is also a community area where you can ask questions on message boards to other mama’s . There are articles, a contraction timer, a kick counter, food safety look up ( how else would you know you shouldn’t eat lunch meat or soft cheeses?), medication safety look up and symptoms look up. There is also a video posted each week of a pregnant woman who tells you some things you may expect to start happening soon if they haven’t already.

Hi Mommy!

This app is cute. It is set up as if the baby is telling you updates about him or her each day. I am currently on week 13, day 2 and “ my baby” is telling me that he or she may already have hair, their eyebrows are beginning to grow, and that his or her nose is already forming! This app is also free!

The Bump

This is a free app and it has interesting articles on it, as well as useful tools such as food safety look up and a contraction counter. You can also put weekly belly, or weekly baby photos on it, which is cute. There is a section called “Real Answers” where moms can ask and answer questions. You can also make your baby registry on this app!

I’ve downloaded many pregnancy apps the past year and a half, and the 3 above have definitely been the best in my opinion.

In addition to these apps, I also love this book!

Your Pregnancy Week By Week 

By Glade B. Curtis, M.D and Judith Schuler, M.S

The thing that I love about this book is that it is broken up week by week. Every week I crack open this book and read about the new developments with my baby, and my body. It is very useful and touches on everything.

All the way up until the 12th week it has a life size picture of how big your baby is and what he or she is looking like.

It touches on issues you may have during pregnancy, as well as symptoms week by week. This has been my pregnancy Bible the past two years. There is so much info and so much to learn! I love being able to open it up to a new week ( and I sometimes peek ahead)!

What are some pregnancy apps that you like the best?

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