5 Things Every New Mom Should Have

Recently, I brought our son to meet the people I work with, where a pregnant coworker asked me what items I think every new mom should have besides the essentials.

I know that registering for a baby shower can be so overwhelming. There are so many products to choose from. The baby product industry brings in billions of dollars each year, and it seems like there is a product for everything. Do I really need special wipes to wipe off my baby’s boogers or pacifier? ( The answer to that question is maybe- Boogie Wipes are amazing, and Pacifier wipes are great for mom’s on the go that are worried about germs- AKA me.)

Each baby is different, and everyone parents differently, but below are 5 of my favorite products so far that I use daily for my newborn.

1. Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play

We love our Rock ‘n Play. It is lightweight, and easy to move from room to room. Our son sleeps in his Rock ‘n Play during his day time naps, and he loves it. There is a gentle vibration option, which helps him fall asleep. The standard Rock ‘n Play does not rock on it’s own ( you have to rock it yourself) but there is one that has an automatic rock feature. The Rock ‘n Play has a slight incline, which has been very helpful as far as helping to reduce the amount of spit up our son has. It also has a little toy that is removable for the baby to play with when he or she starts holding on to things. I like that it folds up easily, and fits in my trunk for afternoons spent at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Deluxe Rock ‘n Play SleeperPlay – $47Amazon

2. Snuza Pico

This device has saved me many sleepless nights! I am a worrier, and I spent the first month of my sons life watching him breath constantly. I slept just a few hours a night because I would wake up often just to make sure he was still breathing.

The Snuza Pico is a small monitor that easily clips on to your baby’s diaper. It monitors their breathing, and if no movement is detected for 15 seconds, it beeps and vibrates to wake your child. If there is no further movement for 5 seconds, an alarm goes off and doesn’t turn off until you manually turn it off. The Snuza Pico uses Bluetooth technology to sync to your smartphone. There you can monitor your baby’s breathing rate, temperature, sleep position, and sleeping patterns.

If I was to only buy one item that wasn’t a baby essential this would be it. It has given me so much peace of mind. One thing I recommend is making sure the monitor is attached to the diaper correctly. I have received a false alarm because of this. But a false alarm is better than no alarm if your little one stops breathing!

The Snuza Pico is available for $149.99, which is half the price of some other baby monitoring devices.

Snuza Pico – Portable Smart Wearable Monitor from $107.98 on Amazon

3. Halo Sleep Sac

The Halo Sleep Sacs have been a life saver as far as keeping our son snug in his bassinet. He is starting to outgrow his receiving blankets and kicks them off when he is sleeping. The sleep sac keeps him snug, and I do not have to worry about any safety hazards with a blanket in his bassinet to keep him warm. It also gives him a sense of security, and he can’t ninja his way out of it like he can with his receiving blankets.

HALO® Sleepsack® Plushy Dot Velboa Swaddle – NB $21.99 Amazon

4. NoseFrida

Our son got his first stuffy nose last weekend. I used the standard bulb to get the snots out but it wasn’t working very well. Then I pulled out the NoseFrida, and oh my gosh it is amazing! At first we were taken back at how weird the concept seems. Basically you take one end and hold it up to the bottom of the baby’s nostril. You put the other end in your mouth and suck. I was shocked at how much I got out of his nose! There is a filter in the middle of the device that ensures that you don’t get any surprises. The NoseFrida pictured below comes with saline spray to help loosen any dried up stuffy boogers but you can buy it separately.

NoseFrida® Fridababy Snotsucker Saline Kit $18.99 Amazon

5. Puj Bath Tub

We originally bought the standard baby bath where you put it in your bathtub and it has the hammock for the newborn to lay on. Our son hated it, and would cry when we gave him a bath in it. Then my sister in law sent us her Puj baby bathtub since her son outgrew it. Our son LOVES bath time now! This tub is so easy to use. You just set it in your sink, and let the water from the faucet run over your baby. The tub is made of foam, so it is easier to conform to the shape of your sink, and it has holes at the bottom, so the water drains, and the baby gets more fresh, clean water from the faucet.

Since we got this tub, bath time has been so much easier both for our son and us. Plus it is nice not having to bend over to bathe him in our bath tub!

Puj Tub – Soft Foldable Infant Bath Tub $34.99 Amazon

What items were a must have for you as a new mom? I would love to hear from you. Comment below!


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